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​Drone programming learning

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Programming learning that has become mandatory in elementary schools since 2020. Since 2017, we have been learning programming using drones in elementary school. The merit of using a drone is "three-dimensional", so it is very smart. Since it is "dangerous", we will take it seriously. There is a sense of accomplishment because it is "difficult". Teamwork is created by working as a "team". A drone that has the potential to make a big difference in the world in the future. I am fascinated by the possibility of being involved in all fields such as industry, industry, entertainment, design, real estate, construction, construction, agriculture, and disasters. It is one of the most attractive items with many possibilities in the future.

​Drone aerial photography

​(Promotional videos, etc.)

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Any pilot will take the aerial shot as you imagined. What are the achievements of drone pilots? How do you choose the right person from a large number of pilots? The drone pilot in charge is in charge of the drone shooting of the end roll video of Toei distribution "Howling Village" released in February 2020, the official fireworks shooting of the 2019 Kitakyushu Wasshoi 1 Million Summer Festival, and the sky of the ministry school. We are engaged in photography, industrial drone business, and PV aerial photography. In 2019, we will be conducting programming learning using drones for elementary and junior high school students at more than 30 locations. In addition, we will appoint a carefully selected drone pilot. We will promptly edit the captured video and deliver it to the customer.

​Elementary and junior high school commemorative projects

(Aerial photography of human characters, etc.)

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A commemorative project with human characters performed in the commemorative project. Shooting with an airplane or helicopter was a standard, but now it is possible to shoot with a drone. It is also possible to shoot at various angles and heights and provide videos. Since the cost can be reduced, it is possible to make new proposals for commemorative project options that have never existed before. From this commemorative project to ICT, new initiatives in a new era!

​Agricultural chemical spraying business


​Agricultural drone

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If you are interested in spraying pesticides with domestic drones, we will help you with flight guidance and qualification acquisition. I will respond as an instructor. (A pesticide instructor and soil diagnostician.) The pesticide spraying drone licensed or purchased is a domestic drone (manufactured by Ishikawa Energy Research).

​Architecture related

(Inspection / investigation, etc.)

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Even in government offices and the private sector, there have been cases where existing drones cannot be used for inspection and surveying work from the perspective of information security. Information security measures have been taken, and it is possible to respond to the site with the aircraft. Also, please contact us regarding information security measures for drones.

(PR video, etc.)

​real estate

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For example, what is the view from the 15th floor of this condominium? It is possible to show the view from the window when the condominium is built to the customer even before the condominium is built. Not only the floor plan, amount of money, and location, but also the location outside must be one of the important points of the decision. We can show the location to our customers using a drone even before it is completed.

​Drone school business

(Acquisition of qualification)

Japan Drone Association Fukuoka Branch Under the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism official management organization of the Japan Drone Association Headquarters, the Fukuoka Branch is an official training organization of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. As the Fukuoka branch manager and instructor, I can host classes and certification sessions. Since it is Korona-ka, we hold seminars and certification sessions with a small number of people and social distance. It is possible to hold regular meetings and business trips mainly in the suburbs of Fukuoka City and Kitakyushu City.

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As an event, we have a drone operation experience and programming experience. First of all, we will do career learning. What kind of situations are drones currently active in? Also, how will the world change with drones in the future? After that, you will actually experience the drone pilot experience and programming experience. What you can do with programming and what you can do with maneuvering. It is a very popular experience event where you can find various answers of your own by "feeling", "learning", and "thinking" by experiencing each.

​Drone operation experience

​Programming experience

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